Personal Branding Seminar

Personal branding gives you the edge to stand out from the crowd whether you want to attract more business offers or job offers. Your personal branding helps your reputation to precede you.

In this workshop, you will learn to identify your unique value offering to the marketplace and learn to promote yourself in the online and the offline world. Even though personal branding isn’t the idea of selling yourself, you will learn to attract opportunities that will correspond with your profile and interests.

By developing your personal brand you will:

  • Go from being a mere expert to becoming an authority in your field
  • Go from a social media user to a social media influencer
  • Increase your trust quotient and credibility in the marketplace
  • Advance your career, gain followers and build unparallel reputation
  • Build a following around your thought leadership
  • More job offerings
  • Increase your professional income in any field
  • Increase your influence in your industry

Module 1: Personal branding fundamentals

  • Understanding brand psychology, brand building and different dynamics to building a brand
  • Personal branding examples: Real life case studies of Personal Branding successes and failures
  • Learn how perceptions are shaped and brands are born

Module 2: Defining your brand:

  • Your brand audit (Evaluate your current brand reach and impact) and defining your brand goals
  • Discover your authentic self: SWOT analysis, your Uniqueness, Passion, Expertise, Skills, Experiences and Strengths
  • Defining your personal Values, your Mission and ultimate Value Proposition
  • Positioning yourself and brand keywords

Module 3: Brand Offering:

  • Developing subject matter expertise and thought leadership
  • Building a Professional Image
  • Gain clarity on three components to personal branding- Authority, Online identity and Personal Style

Module 4: Promoting yourself:

  • Develop your brand packaging
  • How to become an influencer both in the online and offline world
  • Articulating Your Value Proposition to target audience
  • Expanding your Social clout and building an impressive online presence
  • Reputation management

Module 5: Executive presence:

  • Learn to command attention in any crowd
  • Present like a pro: Speak and present with confidence
  • Developing your Networking skills

 Who should attend:

CEOs, Business Owners, founders, professionals, trainers, coaches, consultants, social media influencers, and anyone who seeks career growth.