Positive Revolution Training is the training wing of Positive Revolution India Pvt Ltd. As leaders in Transformational Education, Positive Revolution Training & Consulting primarily focuses on Accelerated Learning Methods & Supplementary Skill Enhancement Training for organizations and individuals around the world.


Transformational education is a multi dimensional impactful learning and teaching methodology that transforms students’ beliefs and perspectives resulting in major modification in their behaviors and attitudes.”  Paul Robinson

Normal educational methodology is about building aptitudes and skills. Transformational education focuses on building not only ‘aptitudes’ but also a winning ‘attitude’ along with sufficient motivation for ‘action.’ In short, it is about ATTITUDE, APTITUDE & ACTION.

Transformational Education is an interdisciplinary program which offers an innovative approach to examining and researching transformative changes in individuals, groups, businesses, institutions, and cultures. We recognize the innate resources that reside in each of us, which can activate our cognitive learning, emotional development, physical performance, and spiritual evolution. 

 The following are the fundamental characteristics of transformational education. By its very definition; transformation means creating a change in an individual, group or society at large by altering their beliefs through embracing new ways of thinking and doing.

Most of the changes in a person are the change in beliefs. An educator achieves this task by changing the innate perception of a person. Reality is a subjective experience that is controlled by each and every individual because of their unique perception. Therefore transformational education revolves around the law of perception that states ‘if you change the way you look at something, what you look at changes’. Using the metaphysical ‘observer effect’ each of us can alter our perception and thus our reality for the better.

Transformational education is about putting knowledge to work.

Information becomes a potential tool to enhance human effectiveness. There is transition from knowing to doing. Transformational education is highly action oriented. It does not stay in the mind. It is reflected in every decision and action we undertake. This education creates a world view of looking at every potential as a possibility for expansion, solution and growth.

Transformational education captures both dimensions of content and process. Transformational Education inspires, motivates, and transforms educators with groundbreaking tools, techniques and distinctions, propelling them out of the ordinary and igniting passion, vision and excellence in the teacher and the student. Both the process and outcome is enjoyable by both the teacher and the student. There is a self discovery process that is involved in this education that makes this pedagogy an adventure by itself.

Transformational education recognizes the importance of building trusting relationships with teacher and student.

Information is both shared and discovered. There is flexibility in learning because what is taught is under constant revision due to an unending questioning process. There is tremendous focus on research and its evolutionary nature of unfolding new information is innate and self revealing.

Instilling coherence and harmony in students is the objective of this educational methodology.

Establishing coherence in values, believes, thoughts and actions are achieved through a result focused learning and development model.

 Positive Revolution Training is designed with three key areas of excellence.


Great attitudes can be inculcated by great behavioural adoption. The explanatory style of the training gives a unique vantage view point to all participants to trigger immediate changes in their thinking and behaviour.By altering the beliefs and perception we can train to think differently and build better attitudes.

We live in a psychozoic age when everything is achieved by the power of the mind. We also live in a faster changing time. The demanding complexities of problems of the day require people who are smart with highly competent skills. Building skills are the solutions to most of the prevalent problems of today. Our aptitude building workshops are filled with the latest information collected from the various researched sources and presented to the participants in the most logical and cogent manner.Our skill building programs have a practical approach to it. It is simple to understand, easy to emulate the learning and less cumbersome in execution.

Our programs are highly motivational filled with passion for learning and development. We also add the Entertainment Quotient to our workshops and seminars. All the programs are charged with consistent stimulations for our participants to take action on a direction to achieve their preconceived goal.We make learning experiential.We make it fun and memorable. We keep it highly motivating. The outcome of the session is to help people to take action and stop their procrastination habits.

Bottom-line the  real transformational education emphasis on changing attitude, building new aptitudes and motivating an individual to take action.


Here are some facts:

  1. The only training company in India backed with an international research unit to provide trainees with updated knowledge, information and the latest industry expertise.
  2. The only training firm in India which treats ‘executive skills’ and ‘life skills’ in a holistic training ground with an objective to enhance personal growth and career growth for the overall well being of an individual.
  3. The only company in India to produce and distribute ‘audio coaching’ programs to enhance learning effectiveness, providing supplementary learning kits to follow through the learning process of a trainee.
  4. The only company that focuses training through ‘transformational education’ aimed at creating attitudinal and behavioral changes in people that lasts longer.
  5. The only training company equipped to handle training requirements for C LEVEL EXECUTIVES in India and abroad, ranging over 100 topics for executive coaching & training.
  6. High training partcipation recurring rate. Over 60% repetition rate for seminar attendance from earleir participants to attend new programs.
  7. Value for money. Participants get complementary learning aids like audio, video or software and work books in most of our open workshops and training programs.
  8. 100% participant satisfaction. Over 80% rating for excellence and 20% good rating in training,content and delivery from data collected through our training evaluation and feed back conducted in four countries.
  9. Training programs with theoretical ideology coupled with practical applications (tools) for improvement. Stronger emphasis is placed up on ‘day to day practice and improving performance in work and life.’
  10. 100% solution based training by leading thought leader Paul Robinson to tackle any personal and corporate challenges and problems of the present and future.
  11. Tailor-made training programs are available for corporate and groups. Currently delivering over 100 training programs a year as workshops/seminars/keynotes globally.