There are breakdown and breakthrough stages in every business. Every breakthrough is succeeded by a breakdown. It is always a breaking down stage in business paves the way for changes and advancement in any business. This is an entrepreneurial fact!

Breakdown stage is a challenging time in all businesses. Most of the entrepreneurs usually give up and accept failure at a breakdown stage. On the other hand a successful entrepreneur is a breakthrough entrepreneur. The secret of every great business success is the ability to breakthrough any problems, obstacles and challenges the business itself presents to us on a day-to-day basis.

Several studies have shown that the ‘breakthrough spirit’ of an entrepreneur helps them thrive in volatile times while 80% of businesses shut down in less than five years of their start up.

In most cases most of the business people withdraw themselves when they are faced with problems and obstacles. The truth of the matter is that, problems and obstacles are nothing but challenges in business.

Challenges are the fuel for business growth. Challenges help us grow, help us move out of the comfort zones and help up set bigger goals. Challenges stretch us to do the impossible. Problems drive us to find solutions and solutions providers are today’s largest business enterprises. This is the breakthrough spirit few entrepreneurs possess.

Each year will bring new challenges in any business. As technology and time changes the nature of challenges also vary. Very few companies and businesses are equipped with a long-term vision to see through the mist of what the future might bring.

Almost 90% of the businesses fail due to lack of funds. Business funds dry up due to lack of planning, lack of a strong business vision and due to an absence of an effective business strategy.

This workshop is based on the Three Cs of Business Strategy: Company, Customer and Competition. The session is aimed to give a deeper understanding to business people about the inter-dynamics the Three Cs and to help them develop winning strategies to grow their businesses from the inside out.

The Business Breakthrough Coaching will have the following learning modules:

Module One: Company

  • Business Design: You & Your business
  • Creating passion for entrepreneurship
  • Turning ideas in to businesses
  • Recognizing your business challenges
  • Setting business goals
  • Design of a Goal Achieving System

Module Two: Customer

  • Defining your ideal customer: How to find, win and grow profitable customers?
  • Designing your Competitive Value Proposition
  • Developing your unique offer
  • Design of the elevator pitch
  • Design of ideal marketing, sales and service

Module Three: Competition

  • Understanding your competition: Five Forces of Competition
  • Strategies to outperform your competition
  • SWOT
  • Crisis management: Strategies and tools to tackle future challenges.

Module Four: Business Growth Strategies

  • Understanding basic paradigm shifts in business
  • Reinventing your business for the changing times
  • Practical tips to grow your business
  • Translating Vision into action

The goal of this workshop is to support you in having a successful business that fulfills your needs for mastery of your own life, financial success, freedom, self-expression and life balance. The focus of this unique, paradigm-shifting workshop is one of BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT – ie; creating your desired visions and business results from the inside out. This Breakthrough Intensive Program is designed for serious-minded business owners and executives who are committed to playing a bigger business game and achieving bigger business results … without compromise. You should be the one controlling your business – not the market or the economy.

Who can attend? 

Businessmen, SME owners, any aspiring entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, Business leaders of any organization, management students, Freelance professionals etc 

Duration: Two days of intensive workshop

Training Methodology: Keynotes, Audio Visual, Interactions, Individual and Group Activities


We are experiencing massive changes and disruptions in businesses. New and innovative businesses and business models challenge traditional businesses. We are experiencing different kinds of competition today. The need for innovation has become more critical than a mere competitive advantage. Businesses are struggling to acquire and keep best talents. Product life cycles are shortened. What has worked well in the past is no more working in the present. Business leaders in general are lacking the vision and strategic direction to peruse future goals. Since most of their goals are already achieved, some businesses do not know what to look forward to. There is confusion and paranoia everywhere. We are missing clarity and the drive to recalibrate our ageing organizations. We want to change but we find it hard to do so

‘Scaling up your business’ is the catalyst to trigger that change you are looking for. It’s an answer to the leap you are waiting for. The purpose of this workshop is to help you develop an industry dominating business. The workshop outlines insights and tools to provide you with a strong foundation for your business’s present and future success. If you are running a business with a small team and looking forward to scale up your business to something large, global and sustainable, then this is the workshop for you.

The workshop will have the following learning modules:

Module One: Scaling Up barriers and Opportunities for your business

This part of the session delves deeper into identifying unique factors that are stopping you from scaling up our businesses and also provide insights to look at business opportunities that can generate more profit, growth and diversification.

Module Two: Gearing up for Change:

Understanding business disruptions and reinventing your business.
Traditional businesses start, mature and decline over time but successful individuals and companies constantly reinvent themselves. This piece of the session defines the larger picture of the changing business landscapes you are in and goes on to discover the key factors that are driving them.

Module Three: Leadership
Business leadership requires two types of leadership that is market leadership (winning the market) and personal leadership (winning with people)

Market leadership: Driving business growth through innovation and branding

Steve Jobs once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Companies that fail to distinguish themselves in the long term will cease to exist because they lack ‘future relevance’. This part of the session provides you with tools and insights to innovate your business better. The brand leadership piece that follows this session will provide you with effective branding strategies to position your business better.

Personal leadership: Leading oneself and inspiring people

Personal leadership covers personal leadership mastery, interpersonal effectiveness and the art of inspiring people for greatness. This part of the session helps you to bring in more zeal among your team members and develop practices to revamp enthusiasm like a start up in your company.

Module Four: Developing a Winning Work Culture

This part of the session is about getting your business fundamentals strong by defining clear Vision, Mission, Values and Culture for your organization.

By creating your organizational values, purpose, mission statement and clear vision, the participants are given with tools to develop their own unique work culture. Building a great work culture is crucial to scaling up your business today. A great work culture helps you align people with your organizational goals. Drawing from several case studies, this piece of the session will give the participants few strategies to build a strong work culture that will attract and retain great talent.

Application of One Page Business Strategy:

This is a revolutionary concept that will help you scale your business to reach newer and greater heights. Drawing heavily from the management tools promoted by Verne Harnish, and concepts from author Jim Collins, this piece of the workshop gives you an ultimate tool to get everyone on one page and draw an execution chart unlike ever before.

Module Five: Gear for growth

This part of the session is all about expanding your reach with practical inputs on expansion strategies and putting systems and processes at work for further market growth. You will also receives tips on attracting investments, strategic partnerships, franchising etc.

Who can attend this workshop? 

Businessmen, SME owners, Entrepreneurs, Business leaders of any medium to large enterprises etc

Duration: Two days of intensive workshop

Training Methodology: Keynotes, Audio Visual, Interactions, Individual and Group Activities