Branding Seminar

Paul RobinsonBranding is the most ‘intangible asset’ that drives business success today. You may be aware of the tangible aspects of brand building like logo, color scheme, campaign, slogan etc; but the intangible elements of branding are the major determining factors of a brand’s great success.
Organizations that neglect on the intangibles miss out in building a power brand, and they wonder why their branding exercises aren’t working!
Paul Robinson’s workshop on ‘Make your brand roar’ is an exploration into the most intangible assets that makes a huge difference to your business success-building brands that roars in the market place.
We have come a long way to understand the importance of branding and it has significantly changed the business landscape of many companies today. If you don’t think and act like a brand you are just a commodity who has to compete only on price. But if you can build a power brand you can emotionally engage your customers, build brand loyalty and earn higher profits.
We also live in a time where countries, organizations, political parties, celebrities and individuals are encouraged to think like a brand. Therefore an in depth understanding of the brand psychology and learning vital factors that determine your brand success is the need of the hour.
The world of marketing has changed. The game has changed and so does the rules. In this brand driven market, traditional marketing techniques are no longer sufficient to create a business success. We need strategies that propel us to greater heights. ‘In an information overloaded place where marketing messages get noisy, it is important to make brand conversation that will capture your audience’s attention’; says Paul Robison the author of the book “Make your brand roar.’
After studying several reputed brands across the world and by analyzing their success formulas, Paul Robinson has created winning strategies that can help you build a power brand. Moreover his workshop is a roadmap to brand building and a tool for developing a long term marketing success. During the session, the participants are encouraged to rethink on their branding strategies suitable to today’s changing business environment. The workshop will be an eye opener to the founders and CEOs of growing organizations to think on brand strategies in the new light of information provided by Paul Robinson. The highlights of the program include:
The psychology of branding
How to use Public Relations for brand building
Personal Branding
Paul Robinson’s 5 P’s to the fundamental branding success.
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