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Tired of settling for mediocrity, slow growth and marginal results? Ready to achieve your deepest business visions with greater ease and velocity?

If you are like most business owners, you operate under the faulty assumption that success comes only one small step at a time. Such an assumption drives you to work harder for your business, rather than your business working harder for you. That’s the pathway called “limited growth”. It doesn’t have to be that way.
The time is NOW to breakthrough your greatest blocks, achieve your deepest visions and become the architect of your own business destiny! Let us show you how.


 Experience Breakthrough Entrepreneurship

By Paul Robinson

Best selling author, Motivational speaker, Breakthrough expert and Business strategist 

There are breakdown and breakthrough stages in every business. Every breakthrough is succeeded by a breakdown. It is always a breaking down stage in business paves the way for changes and advancement in any business. This is a fact!

Breakdown stage is a challenging time in all businesses. Most of the entrepreneurs usually give up and accept failure at a breakdown stage. On the other hand a successful entrepreneur is a breakthrough entrepreneur. The secret of every great business success is the ability to breakthrough any problems, obstacles and challenges the business itself present to us on a day to day basis.

Here are some interesting statistics. Every year over one million Small Businesses start around the world. In the first year, 40% of them fail due to a breakdown in the business. In the following 5 years, 80% of the remaining ones fail. In the next 5 years, another 80% remaining fail.

Therefore out of one million small businesses started, 994,000 fail within 10 years. What is left out is 5 to 6 percent of the start ups that finish the game called a successful business empire.

Each year will bring new challenges in any business. As technology and time changes the nature of challenges also vary. Very few companies and businesses are equipped with a long term vision to see through the mist of what the future may bring.

Almost 90% of the businesses fail due to lack of funds. Business funds dry up due to lack of planning, lack of a strong business vision and due to an absence of an effective business strategy.

Most of the business people withdraw themselves when they are faced with problems and obstacles. The truth of the matter is that, problems and obstacles are nothing but challenges in business.

Challenges are really good. Challenges help us grow. It stretches us to do the impossible. Problems drive us to find solutions and solutions providers are today’s largest business enterprises.

Opportunities in business usually appear in two different forms. One is the ‘obvious’ opportunity and the other is the ‘hidden’ opportunity. The hidden opportunities are the biggest opportunities in business and life. Most businessmen do not take notice of a hidden opportunity because hidden opportunities are always wrapped up in problems and obstacles.

Every business has to go through a breakdown stage for good. It is during the challenging times of any business great breakthroughs are found. All the successful business people in history have experienced the power of breakthrough. You can experience them too.

Paul Robinson is an accomplished author, speaker and business strategist who have helped thousands of businessmen to experience personal and business breakthroughs.

Paul Robinson’s Business Breakthrough Coaching is a business transformation workshop to breakthrough from your current challenges in any business. In this workshop Paul Robinson will explain some of the greatest strategies applied by the greatest business geniuses of our times. You can turn every problem into an opportunity. It may be a problem you may face today with lack of capital, customers, marketing strategy or ultimately feeling ‘stuck’ in any business. Whatever may be the nature of your business problems may be, you will be equipped to handle them in a positive manner through this workshop.

The objective of this two day learning session is to help you redesign your business vision, your strategy in winning more raving customers and making more profits. You will learn some unique business principles in creating profits, growth and diversification. Bottom-line this will take you and your business to the next level.

You don’t need to become the victim of statistics explained earlier. 70% of all new jobs are created by Small Businesses. When your business does better, everyone does better!

The goal of this workshop is to support you in having a successful business that fulfills your needs for mastery of your own life, financial success, freedom, self-expression and life balance. The focus of this unique, paradigm-shifting workshop is one of BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT – ie., creating your desired visions and business results from the inside out. This Breakthrough Intensive Program is designed for serious-minded business owners and executives who are committed to playing a bigger business game and achieving bigger business results … without compromise. You should be the one controlling your business—not the market or the economy. At business Breakthrough Coaching, you’ll learn how to safeguard your investments, gain global vision and discover alternative strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

Who can attend? Businessmen, any aspiring entrepreneurs, Business leaders of any organization, management students, MLM leaders and freelance professionals.

Learn about:

Expanding your entrepreneurial intelligence.
Turn your ideas in to successful enterprise
Turn your ordinary business into extra ordinary cash cows.
Learn how to reinvent your company
Build your business plan.
Learn to build profits, growth and diversifications for your company.
Learn about revolutionary ideas that give breakthroughs in business.
Learn about Risk & Crisis management, High performance Leadership, Negotiation & Super Selling.

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7 master skills that will help you out perform every time.
This is an ideal executive skill building workshop for every
business leader, CEO, business man/woman, industrialist
or C level executives.

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