Business Development Workshop

Transformational Education for Corporate India

Business development has now become everyone’s serious business. The competition is increasing, customer loyalty is decreasing, brands and businesses are screaming for attention and they are getting louder than before. You need new and effective strategies that can produce better results.

This one-day intensive workshop is designed to help you stay relevant and to navigate the changing tides in sales, marketing and customer experience.

This workshop by Paul Robinson, leading business strategist and keynote speaker  is armed with customer strategies to help you acquire and retain customers. Also delve deeper into identifying Who your customers are, What do they want from you and How you can influence them effectively and economically.

If you are in business as an entrepreneur, start up, founder, CEO, or just the guy who handles marketing and business development for any types of business whether it’s B2B or B2C, then this is a must attend workshop for you.

This workshop will give you five important aspects to your business success clarity, insight, tools, structure and a better marketing plan.

Learning modules:

Module 1: CUSTOMER:

  • Learn WHO your ideal customers are and understand WHAT do they want from you.
  • Design your Competitive Value Proposition and Customer Experience
  • Develop a Customer strategy: How do they want to be reached, addressed and engaged

Module 2: MESSAGE

  • How to craft best messages that command your prospect’s attention
  • Developing the mindshare
  • Customer perception, positioning strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Story Telling and More

Module 3: MEDIUM

  • HOW to reach and engage with your customer segments
  • Attention management
  • Channels of communication: How to use Different channels of communication for awareness, visibility, brand exposure and lead generation
  • How to develop winning campaigns: Effective Usage of WEB and Social media for business development
  • Preparing an effective Marketing plan for inbound and outbound sales
  • Understanding Different types of marketing methods available today
  • Effective lead generation methods


  • Data base management
  • Up-Selling strategies
  • Engaging with prospects- frequency and timing
  • Outbound and inbound marketing conversions
  • Essential business development tools and techniques
  • Winning and keeping customers for the long term

Your investment: Rs. 10,000 Plus taxes.

The fee includes your participation, Course Materials, Lunch and Snacks