Business Reinvention Workshop

Are you constantly thinking about how to create value and build new businesses, or how to improve or transform your organization?

Are you trying to find innovative way of doing business to replace old outdated ones?

Are you facing business stagnation, slow growth, low margins, and high competition?

Are you finding it difficult to cop up with the fast changes in your industry?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then welcome to:


on 10th & 11th November at Holiday Inn, Kochi

This workshop will serve you five important aspects related to your business success,
  1. Get clarity on staying relevant in these changing times
  2. Bullet proof your business from any immediate disruptions,
  3. Implement new growth opportunities,
  4. Develop a simple structure for business model innovation
  5. Learn and apply compelling business practices for sustained business growth

Modules: Day One

Module 1.  The business reinvention concept

  • Understanding the concept of reinventing your business
  • Develop the mindset and action steps to reinvent your business
  • Successful business reinvention case studies and best practice
Impact: Mindset and motivation fuelled by clear action steps
Module 2. Real Time Business Analysis
  • Understanding your industry and your current market position
  • Identifying changes, key trends, strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities shaping your industry
  • Identifying key areas of change and new business opportunities to stay relevant (includes exercises like GAP analysis, Vision Building, tools like White space Business Canvas)
  • Applying change and transformation in business using problem-solution approach
  • Learning new business growth strategies that you can apply in your business
Impact: Your industry specific takeaways and specific strategies that you can apply in your business. Overhaul on your business portfolio.

Day Two:

Module three: Business Model Innovation

  • Systematically invent, design and implement new business model for your business
  • Practical business model generation exercise that will make you more effective at managing your business better
  • Unbundle your business to focus on your core business
  • Learn new business models applied by successful small and medium companies worldwide
  • Learn Successful case studies and apply fresh strategies to grow your business.


  • Replace outdated business model and create new effective business model
  • Clarity and ease to run your business effectively
  • Create a blueprint for strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes and system

You will learn about:

  • How to evolve and grow your business in these challenging times
  • Develop a strategic direction for your businesses
  • How to stay relevant during the times of change in your industry
  • Understand disruptive trends in your industry and evolve your businesses accordingly
  • Develop new business ideas for diversification and sustained growth
  • Learn to manage multiple businesses efficiently
  • Business model innovation

Your Ultimate benefit:

  • This workshop is equivalent to the value you get out of lakhs of rupees you spend on consulting
  • This workshop will transform your mindset and the way you do business
  • You will go back with confidence; clarity, motivation and action plan to conquer new heights
  • You will think outside the box and create new income streams for your business
  • You will learn to solve your own business problems intelligently

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Business owners/ entrepreneurs
  • CEOs/ Founders/ Start ups
  • Business Consultants & Academicians
  • Marketing Heads
  • Professionals of all occupations
  • People who wants to start a new business
Duration:Two days of intensive workshop
Training Methodology:Keynotes, Audio Visual, Interactions, Individual and Group Activities etc.
Additional value: Four weeks of thorough follow up, review and guidance by Paul Robinson to address your challenged for reinvention to bring in new revenue streams and to create a new business model

We are experiencing massive changes and disruptions in businesses. New and innovative businesses and business models challenge traditional businesses. We are experiencing different kinds of competition today. The need for innovation has become more critical than a mere competitive advantage. Businesses are struggling to acquire and keep best talents. Product life cycles are shortened. What has worked well in the past is no more working in the present. Business leaders in general are lacking the long term vision and strategic direction to peruse future goals. Since most of their goals are already achieved, some businesses even do not know what to look forward to. There is confusion and paranoia spreading. We are missing clarity and the drive to recalibrate our aging organizations. We want to change but we find it hard to do so.

Business reinvention workshop is the catalyst to trigger that change you are looking for. It’s an answer to the leap you are waiting for. Traditional business cycle is about starting a business, growing followed by maturation and decline. But if you reinvent your business from time to time, you can sustain your growth and avoid declining fast. Also your next 80% of revenue will come the business you establish for the next five years.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you develop an industry dominating business. The workshop outlines insights and tools to provide you with a strong foundation for your business’s present and future success. If you are running a business with a small team and looking forward to scale up your business to something large, global and sustainable, then this is the workshop for you.

If you are thinking about creating value for customers, building new businesses or committed to improve or transform your organization, then this is also the right workshop for you.