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The world of selling is going through major changes. Today customers havenumerous options to choose from a highly competitive market.  People close the doors to the pushy sales person. The aggressiveness and being ‘pushy’ is discouraged. ‘Go givers’ sell more than ‘go getters.’ Traditional selling methods are not producing the result you are expecting because in every sense no one wants to be sold to. Why do you think a sales process takes more than five to six visits to close a deal? Why so many visits to your prospect’s place? Why customers take ‘so much of time’ to make up their mind? What has been missing in the traditional sales is ‘educating’ your prospects about your value and ‘relationship’ with customers.

Sales people’s real job is no more to sell but to help customers make the right decisions to buy. The new key words in selling are ‘educating your customer’ to be a smart shopper and ‘relationship’.

In ‘Sell like a pro’ Paul Robinson introduce a holistic approach to selling  ie. EDUCATION BASED RELATIONSHIP SELLING.

‘Education based selling’ is the process of making your prospects better, more informed customers, so that they know why they are paying so much to your products and services. During this process you make your prospects smarter by giving them valuable information about the products and services you offer. This will in turn build trust and credibility.

In this program you will learn about Five steps to effective selling and the newest CRM strategies.


Are you a rare individual committed to connecting and contributing to people around you to enhance the quality of human life?

Then you are a leader longing to be immersed in an environment of higher standard for learning and development. As an individual committed to creating positive change, to stepping up and reaching heights you never imagined possible, and to leading others to the next level, you are surely asking yourself, “What’s next?”

High Performance Leadership is an exclusive invitation to CXOs/ mid and senior management professional and corporate executives to sharpen their leadership skills and to become effective influencers.

Lead yourself to higher heights by understanding different levels of leadership, self-mastery and by understanding the core of leadership

Drawing from behavioral studies conducted on several leaders worldwide, Paul Robinson will unveil the leadership traits and successful behavioral patterns of leadership that you can assimilate into your natural self.

With tremendous uncertainty in the world today, it is now more important than ever that we each apply our leadership skills to help influence, create positive change and to prosper- no matter what’s transpiring in the external environment.

HPL offers you just that: the ultimate opportunity to lead and direct all human effort to the next level of outcome orientation and excellence. In doing so, each of us will not only survive during these challenging times, but also thrive as well.


In this program you will learn about ten  outrageous marketing tactics that can be used as lead generation strategies to market your products and services. Moreover you will be able to identify your ‘Competitive Value Propositions’ (CVP) and will learn to position and launch your products and services to attract more customers.


Every thing in life is about negotiation- whether you are buying a house, asking your boss for a raise, or persuading your child to do his homework. The world you live in is a giant negotiation table where everyone is interested in guarding their interests and getting the best deal for themselves. So what do you do if your interest clash with those of others?

Will you resort to confrontation or will you negotiate to achieve mutual satisfaction?

This is why you need to learn to master the art of negotiation. After all, you know what’s best for you. Whatever your unique, individual problem or situation may be, you can learn to empower yourself and create positive solutions for the most complex and difficult problems. You can be in total control of your life, and this training does it all!


When under pressure, stay in control.Deal with difficult people in a positive manner.Reach agreements that are mutually satisfying.Be in command.Solve disputes using your persuasive skills.Master the skills outlined by great negotiators and always try to be in a win more-win more situation.


Unleashing your creativity and innovation skills

In today’s changing times, every corporate executives or organizations need a creative thinking process to exploit opportunities and solve high-priority business issues. Global survey of 1500 CEOs conducted by IBM in 2010 found that creativity is the number one leadership trait for the future CEOs. The art of thinking differently or thinking outside the box is an art, that is seldom taught but once you master them, it will change your career and business forever.

In this revolutionary program on creativity and innovation, Paul Robinson introduces several tools to think differently. Based on his extensive research on innovation in over 100 leading companies worldwide, he has extracted workable models and solutions that enhance creative thinking processes that anyone can adapt in their workspace.

The program delivers the knowledge of best practices, strategies and tools for innovation, combined with the applied problem-solving techniques and creative solutions. Fundamental models, theories and approaches are explained using several case studies and best practices.

Benefits of training on innovation:

Increase your innovation quotient: Learn the fundamentals of everything you wanted to know about innovation.

Learn about different thinking tools for creativity

Learn how smart companies innovate

Learn about five types of innovation

Unlock your creative genius

Develop out of the box ideas to solve critical problems in your organization.

To break away from the mainstream and develop new streams where fresh opportunity exists.

Who can participate?

Participants will range from middle management to senior leaders, CXOs, VPs, R&D.

SME owners & businessmen


Comfort is the enemy of achievement. There are many factors that stop us from being at our very best. One we identify them and then we begin to discipline ourselves, we can optimize our energy in doing things that bring about better results for all of us.

By challenging our expectancy point and raising the bar, we can push ourselves and find the motivation to demand more from ourselves.

This is an intensive training program that reveals the secrets of peak performers and teaches you practical tools that you can easily adapt in your work and life to get optimum results. Learn to get the best out of you and the people you lead and become truly outstanding in the field of work you are in.

During the session, the delegates will be given with insights, exercises and strategies to charge ahead and achieve higher goals. They will be prepared with a mind set to take on audacious goals and become more result oriented.

The session will be combination of motivation + strategy + exercises + fun

Benefits of the program:

  • Help individuals and teams to optimize their potential
  • Peak performance.
  • Break away the comfort zone of past glory and past results and embrace life with all its challenges.
  • Find motivation to take on bigger goals and tasks
  • Develop a sense of certainty
  • Increase active engagement with work and help others to do the same.


This program is designed to build greater  interpersonal effectiveness at work. This program highlights on the human needs psychology and developing healthy work dynamics. The participants will benefit by understanding various personality types and provide them with an opportunity to observe,experiment and practice new behaviors in a supportive environment. Also the participants of this training will have an experiential learning about building their dream team, working together, designing and implementing collective human efforts to achieve any goal.


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