Customer Insight Workshop

If you know your customers, then you will know what business you are really in
Learn everything about your customer and never seize to amaze them


The session is about:

Identifying Whoyour customers are, What do they want from you and how to reach out to them effectively and economically

Module one: WHO are your Customers

  • Defining your ideal customer: How to find, win and grow profitable customers?
  • Customer mapping:
  • Target market- Identifying Ideal customers- buyer persona

Module two: WHAT customers want

  • Market analysis: a peak into present and future preferences of your customers
  • Customer analysis (needs, wants, desires, aspirations)
  • Competitor analysis: Five Forces of Competition
  • Competitor analysis, and identifying opportunity gaps
  • Scenario Planning: Strategies and tools to tackle future challenges.
  • Defining your Competitive advantage
  • Positioning and differentiation
  • Shaping customer perception
  • Customer centric value innovation
  • Developing customer experience around brand touch points
  • Designing your Competitive Value Proposition- packaging your offer
  • Different approaches in perfecting your pitch like problem-solution approach, story approach etc.

Module three: HOW to reach your ideal customers- (The marketing plan)

  • Preparing a Marketing plan for inbound and outbound
  • Explore new marketing methods and opportunity to engage with your prospects
  • Developing an effective marketing campaign
  • Developing a customer strategy for pre sales, sales and post sales
And find answers to these compelling questions:
Do you who your ideal customers are?

Do you know what your customers value the most?

Do you know why your customers choose to do business with you?

Do you know why they choose your competition over you?

Do you know how to keep your customers coming back to you for more?

Do you know how to create the ultimate customer experience?

Do you have an ultimate marketing plan for this digital era?

Do you have a customer strategy to attract and retain more customers?

If you are in business as an entrepreneur, start up, founder, CEO, or just the guy who handles marketing and business development for any types of business whether it’s B2B or B2C, then this is a must attend workshop for you.

This workshop will give you five important aspects to your business success clarity, insight, tools, structure and a better marketing plan.

 Duration: One day of intensive workshop

Training Methodology: Keynotes, Audio Visual, Interactions, Individual and Group Activities