marketingOur training is focused on innovative ‘lead generation’ practices and strategies that can be applied by your business development personnel. Our emphasis is on new ‘outrageous marketing’ ideas and broaden your understanding of establishing a ‘mindshare’ before attempting to grow your market share.

Generating quality leads, waking up cold prospects to respond to your brands and developing volunteers for your marketing messages can be achieved through different marketing practices. Your team will be empowered to enhance their marketing knowledge and skills through the following concepts like:

Permission marketing

Experience marketing

Outrageous marketing

Hypnotic marketing

Stadium pitch marketing

Internet marketing

And many assertive marketing strategies..

The objective of the training is to broaden the participant’s marketing acumen and help them to proactively apply their ideas fearlessly to increase sales and market share for their businesses.

We can help your organization to achieve more results. Call +91 9902815613 to interact with our Training Director and learn about how we can help you with your training needs.

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