Sales Training

The world of selling is going through major changes and challenges. Today customers have numerous options to choose from a highly competitive market. Traditional selling methods are not producing the result you are expecting because in every sense no one wants to be sold to. The aggressiveness and being ‘pushy’ is no longer encouraged. ‘Go givers’ sell more than ‘go getters.’

Sales people’s real job is no more to sell but to help customers make the right decisions to buy. The new paradigm in sales is EDUCATION BASED RELATIONSHIP SELLING. Here as a sales professional you will act more as a CONSELLTANT than a sales person.

In traditional selling methods you solicit your prospect with a biased sales pitch. The pitch is really not based on customer needs but rather your needs. There is no customer feedback requested and interaction is basically avoided by merely presenting your product or service and persuading rather than offering a solution that the customer wants and needs. Traditional methods are more of a number’s game: Love ‘them and leave them’ or ‘convince them or confuse them’ approach rather than focusing on the long-term benefits of relationship building.

When you sell high value products and services, the dynamics of sales will change. You need to sell on value. You need to sell on information, trust and relationship.

The participants of the sales session will be introduced to the five steps of ‘Education based relationship selling’. The five steps are meticulously designed training modules that have worked successfully for most of the successful sales organizations. By applying this sales process you can increase more sales, close more deals, sustain more clients and make selling more fun for your team. Remember people don’t buy from companies; they buy from people, and especially from people they trust and love the most. When you follow ‘Education Based Relationship selling’ process; you don’t need to convince the prospect to do business with you; they will convince themselves that you are the person and brand they prefer to buy from.

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