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Creating smart companies

We live in a smart generation. Our mobile phones are called smart phones, because they are used for multiple applications than just making calls. In a market place where competition is increasing and margins are dropping for many companies, it is important for any organization to reinvent itself and stand out from the pack. They need to become smart.

Without differentiation business can no longer survive. Innovation is the path to differentiation. But average companies are too busy solving their current challenges and problems. They have the least focus in designing a future for themselves. They lack vision. But smart companies are constantly working towards something. They constantly update themselves with market changes and they innovate to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Innovation is the key drive current and future changes in your organization. Today CEOs and business people must learn how to innovate.

‘Creating smart companies’workshop will give you the tools to innovate. The modules of the session contains methods to identify your present and future competition and how you can work on  a strategy that serves your needs better. Moreover future business trends and successful case studies are presented to understand various types of innovation. The workshop will benefit business people, industrialists and CEO of various companies. It will also serve as a clear framework for those who want to start their own business.

The workshop will be conducted by Paul Robinson  and it will take place in Hotel Fern (Near South Railway Station) in Kochi on September 8th, Sunday . Participation fee is Rs. 5000 per participant.To register for this workshop please call 09902815613, 09620547115.


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